Nowhere so many different worlds clash like in Afghanistan. Dreams and wishes are accompanied by fear and danger. This country has been in the center of attention in the media like never before. Billions of dollars have been spent and thousands of soldiers have been sent, yet ideals like security, equality and progress do not seem to be realistic from today’s point of view. Power struggle, corruption and terrorism continuously threaten the country and we all have one wish: Afghanistan should come to rest!

The unstable situation is a clear obstacle in rebuilding the country. We do not want to close our eyes anymore. We need to act. Hand in hand, as one.
It’s time for a fundamental change. That’s what Afghan Peacemaker stands for.

What our goals are

We want to give the people in Afghanistan a voice.
We want to fight for the rights of the oppressed ones and step by step improve the current situation.

A sovereign government, a stable economy and an effective legal system are essential factors, which need to be established. Only then the country can move towards peace, progress and safety.

How we reach our goals

Although Afghanistan needs support in various aspects we focus on political and human rights issues. The main problems of Afghanistan are caused by deficient domestic policies and the absence of reforms. Developments in political aspects will lead to a chain reaction and thus cause a positive impact on society and economy. In order to generate political stability a democratic base needs to be established. This is exactly what we pursue with our current project “Afghan Democracy”.