Bashardost in Germany

Inviting Dr. Ramazan Bashardost to Germany

In October 2012 we managed to invite Dr. Bashardost to Germany. He is one the few revolutionary parliamentarians who actively proceeds against corruption and the greed of power and fights for the rights of the population.

He was brought to explain the main problems in Afghanistan from an unbiased perspective. We wanted to know the truth which is mostly being manipulated in today’s media. Afghans had the chance to speak to him directly and take part in discussions.

With our contacts we were able to include Dr. Bashardost in various seminars and events in different cities around Germany during three weeks. He explained and reflected currents affairs and named contact points for Afghans planning to travel to their home country.
In addition, we wanted to introduce the German government a respected Afghan parliamentarian, who should explain the core problems of the country and also present appropriate solutions. With the help of Dr. Bashardost the support of Germany would reach the Afghan people more efficiently. In order to support the reconstruction of Afghanistan and carry out the suggested solutions, we consider Dr. Bashardost as someone the German government in Afghanistan can refer to. Hence we had fruitful discussions with parties like SPD, FDP, Bündnis’90 and the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin.