Who we are

We are a voluntary organization of future Afghan academics who live in Germany since childhood. We came together in July 2012 to contribute to the political and social stability of Afghanistan. Our community includes different genders, since we underline a diverse exchange from all point of views. Our working methods are characterized by an objective and unbiased approach and our efforts are based on voluntariness. Further we do not pursue any personal goals but an improvement in the current situation of Afghanistan.

What we do

Our goal is to analyze fundamental problems in Afghanistan and develop possible solutions. We are in contact with different politicians and experts in order to gain professional insights. The results of our work are accessible to everyone, especially Afghans. So they have the opportunity to get information about politically and socially significant topics, ponder them and at best become active.

We need YOU

The cooperation of different generations is crucial for Afghanistan’s progress. Hence we appeal to our Afghans to actively take part in current affairs. We welcome any kind of support, especially the collaboration with other organizations and groups. Only if we stand together we can face today’s difficulties and tomorrow’s challenges.

If you have any special competencies in specific areas then become part of Afghanistan’s future.