Name: Fawad Zazai
Profession: Student of Mathematics
Language skills: Paschto, Dari, German, English, Hindi
About me: In July 2012 we established the organization Afghan Peacemaker which I’m an active member of. Born in Afghanistan I travelled several times to my homeland to understand the situation of my country and my people. Afghanistan means a lot to me. I am strongly engaged in rebuilding my country and believe that willingness to act is the foundation of change.

Name:  M. Qais Zazai
Profession: Bachelor of International Management
Language skills: Paschto, Dari, German, English, Latin
About me: We live a life in peace, safety and without fear that any moment could be the last one. Unfortunately not every person has such a peaceful life, especially not our Afghan people in our country. As a native Afghan I feel responsible to do everything in my power to reach out my hand and help Afghanistan, even if it’s very little in the beginning. So we formed Afghan Peacemaker because together we can achieve more and come closer to our dream of a peaceful Afghanistan.