Afghan Peacemaker support for refugees

In 2013, according to statement of UNHCR, 51.2 Million people were on the run worldwide. As a result 435000 people came in the European Union countries as asylum seeker. Among them 127000 (0.25% of the world’s refugees) were the share of the Germany. This year is expected to approximately 200000 asylum applications in Germany. The vast majority of refugees fleeing to their neighboring countries, thus so-called developing countries have much greater responsibilities and burdens to shoulder as the rich industrial countries. Most Syrian refugees for example are in Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt, as well as refugee’s shelter in Syria itself. The Afghan refugees flee for example to Pakistan or Iran.



Although relatively few refugees come to Germany, people often difficult to do with these people who flee from hunger, violence and war or material need and they have already faced indescribable lost and had to leave every things behind. Therefore, support of refugees in Germany is important for us.

In collaboration with Bezirksamt Wandsbek and other organizations like voluntary aids, we are newly planning and developing a project to assist the refugees in their first steps in Germany. That means, we help them in coping with everyday problems either in the form of paperwork or weekly purchase or a doctor visit and provide them with advice as well as practical help. We show the refugees how to cope with everyday life independently and to which bodies they can turn to for certain problems and issues.
The aim of our project is to support refugees, to facilitate them in first steps and get used to living in Germany as much as possible, therefore a rapid and successful integration in Germany is made possible.